Now Hiring! A Note from Larry

Hi Folks,

We’re getting ready for our 2022 season and looking forward to welcoming you back to Vino Over the Valley beginning May 5 (that’s Mother’s Day Weekend–get that date on your calendar!).

Part of our prep for a great season is recruiting an awesome team who will guarantee you the best time when you visit! People tell me that might be tough this year because of a tight labor market. I hear them but I also know that a job at Vino Over the Valley isn’t like any other job out there. I wanted to share what makes working with us unique in case you or someone you know would be interested in joining our team this year.

We think of Vino Over the Valley as a place where you can work and grow. We love to mentor young people in their first jobs, give college students time in the summer for work and for fun, offer moms and dads a change of pace and opportunity to earn extra family income, and give retired folks a way to get out and socialize and supplement their retirement.

The #1 qualification we look for in a candidate is a positive attitude. Next is work ethic. We can train on the rest, and to us, there’s nothing better than to see eager team members grow in their roles here. The more you learn and advance, the more you’ll earn, too.

Those working in the restaurant or foodservice industry, we value your experience. If you’re looking for an exciting new change, give us the opportunity to meet you and make an offer that could possibly match or beat your current job!

If you love being social, meeting new people, and hearing their stories, being a server, host, bartender, or table runner will be like a vacation for you! Our guests visit from all over the region (and sometimes from further away). They are the greatest and come to have fun. You’ll meet some interesting characters and make new friends!

If you’re more of a behind-the-scenes person, that’s perfect for our cook, kitchen, and pizza maker positions. You get to work with a great team, make delicious food, and learn how to work our pizza ovens!

With today’s schedules, flexibility is important. You pick your own hours every week and every month. We will work around your vacations, family functions, school, and even other jobs. Work as much as you would like or as little as a few days a month.

Did I mention our staff gets employee discounts on food, beverages, and in the gift shop? How’s that for a bonus?!

And all this in the most amazing work environment that includes fresh air, sunny days, and million-dollar views!

Of course, you’ll find all the details on our website, along with a short pre-application form if you’re interested in getting the application process rolling. And please forward this along to your friends, family, and neighbors so we can meet them, too!

Thank you for being such a supporter of Vino Over the Valley. We look forward to seeing you soon!